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About us

A warm summer evening, sound of the Mediterranean Sea and a nice supper with Spanish beat – that is an important moment in the history of Mulier Store. It was then that we realised that we would like to impart our Spanish "Viva la vida” to everyone around. The element which was to remind of passage of life and the need to enjoy life was time.

We decided to take care of time, and, to be more precise, watches, which prompt our Clients that no moment can be stopped, which is why they have to use the moments as best as they can. We have combined the idea of highlighting the importance of time with the love of fashion. That is how Mulier Store was created.

The shop was created with regard to persons who appreciate beauty and well-being. Our offer comprises watches made by the best designers in the world, which make a reflection of current trends. When assorting new collections, we value in the first place minimalism and immortal classic.

"Check the time and think how to use it” – that is a thought we share with our clients along with every watch delivered. We hope that your moments with the watches from Mulier Store will be full of wonderful memories.