What watch to wear with a suit?
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Watches to wear with a suit

Although ties, shirts and shoes are considered to be the most popular accessories to wear with a suit, there are also other accessories that perfectly highlight and finish off your elegant outfit. We pay less attention to the choice of a watch, yet this element can be not only a practical accessory indicating the time, but also a remarkable complement to the whole outfit. To choose the right watch to match your suit, you need to remember that not every model should be paired with such official and elegant clothes. The question is then what to consider when choosing the watch, not to commit a fashion blunder and stand out from the crowd with a perfect look? The principles of matching the men’s watch to a suit are very similar to those which should be applied when matching a tie or a shirt. With such elegant outfits, formal watches go best - they can be worn for all kinds of business meetings, job interviews or important family events. Such watches, as the name suggests, are inseparably linked with classic formal wear, i.e. suits of a traditional cut. Formal watches can be worn with brown, black, navy blue, charcoal and beige suits.

They are inspired mostly by timeless classic beauty and do not stand out with any decorative elements. Dials of such watches are simple, clear and mostly perfectly round shaped.

Among the vast majority of these accessories formal watches to wear with a suit have a leather strap, but you can also find watches with bracelets made ​​of polished steel. However, leather strap watches are recommended to wear with a suit much more often as they simply match suits in classic colors better.

Apart from formal wear watches, we should also pay attention to the so-called evening watches. They are recommended to wear mainly with three-piece suits worn for elegant evening receptions and important ceremonies, such as weddings. This type of accessories features a classic yet a bit more decorative design. In such situations, all kinds of decorations are appropriate provided that they harmonize with the outfit. Evening watches to wear with a suit may have a decorative design as its practical function becomes of secondary importance. Dials may be slightly larger than the classic ones and the materials from which the watches are made can highlight not only the men’s class, but also his social status.